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A weekly comedy and satirical chat show presented by Davian, Kat and Dom.

Episode 489: 'Subliminal Comedy'

Davian, Kat and Dom return with another slice of improv, observations and Gen-X banter. Exclusive swag coming soon at Pen
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Episode 488: 'Completely Buckled'

Our heroes attempt to identify as competent podcasters but fail miserably. Again. Special guest: Stuart Buckland, the man of many podcasts.
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Episode 487: 'Woke Cunts Ate My Hamster'

Davian & Dom have a chat with podcasting legend Boosey about shrinkflation, oompa loompas, & various other rum doings.
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Episode 486: 'Nailing an egg to the cross'

In this Easter Special, we discuss the best alternatives for condoms, with special effects by loonatik & drinks.
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Episode 485: 'The Prison Wallet'

In this thrilling episode we discuss life, the universe, and nothing. Free reach-around with every purchase!
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Episode 484: 'The One With Monica In'

Special guest Monica Hamburg joins the gang to talk ASMR, deathcore, porno sex, AI, and chicken soup.
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Episode 483: 'Patient Zero'

Tom joins Davian and Kat to chew the cud and spit truth-bombs like a bad melon farmer.
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Episode 482: 'Fist My Whippet'

We tackle death, computer passwords, flerfers, and Saltburn.
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Episode 481: 'Doctor Hooters & the Cocaine Carrots'

We peer into the Tardis of comedy in an attempt to find humour & inspiration. Instead, we come up with an idea for a porn flick.
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Episode 480: 'Stones Of The Queen Age'

We discuss sofas, David Bowie impersonations, the best song intros ever and other bullshit. Special guest: Booze from Sweet Feathery Jesus.
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